My customer invited me to provide her with a quote for designing and building some cupboard space and shelving.  One of the objectives was to avoid coming into the room too much, but at the same time maximising the space of the entire back wall.

Some heavy books and folders were intended to be placed on the shelves, so I knew that this would need to be taken into consideration. The final request was that this needed to be a fully finished piece.

As you can see from my images throughout the process, this was all achieved perfectly!

The shelving was designed to be elegant, without looking too bulky, yet strong enough to take any heavy weight. The base units come out slightly further from the shelving to create a change in depth that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also has enough room inside to make it a great storage solution. The entire unit is finished in Matt Pebble colour Vinyl wrap, using Alderidge style door profiles.

All doors are fitted with soft close hinges

Are you after a bespoke bookcase?

I can design, build and install your custom designed wall storage units. Drop me an email and I’ll quote for constructing for new storage solution. 

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